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6 Things That You Will Get When You Become A Tour Guide

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Being a tour guide is sure to get the joy and sorrow. Travel to visit tourist attractions with tourists who mostly come from abroad then explain these places to tourists starting in terms of history, buildings, culture, surrounding communities, even answering tourist questions that are funny and even annoying. But when viewed positively, being a tour guide has a lot of experiences and benefits that are useful and useful for you even the benefits that you don’t realize ..

Next, I will tell you some of the benefits that you will get when you become a tour guide.

  1. Sharpen your speaking and listening skills

When you become a travel guide, you are required to speak English properly and correctly. Often you hear and say something in English, so indirectly speaking and listening you are honed so that your ability to speak English is getting better every day


  1. Can walk for free

This one thing must have been felt by all tour guides. Everywhere he didn’t spend a dime on the road. They only armed with knowledge of tourist attractions to be addressed and their English language skills. They feel the tour guide is not a job but a free walk with Caucasians handsome and beautiful.


  1. Can wash your eyes meet Caucasians handsome and beautiful and maybe one of them is your soul mate

Being a tour guide is a fun thing especially if you become a handsome and beautiful tour guide for tourists. Not bad as an eye wash when we are tired wkwkwk. As a tour guide, you get the chance to get acquainted, share contacts such as social accounts. In fact, it is not uncommon for some tour guides to become a couple of tourists and they are invited to live in the country of origin of the tourist.


  1. You become independent because you are a guide

Being a tour guide makes us become more independent because being a guide is like leading. Like when there are problems, whether administrative problems, tourists who complain about something you are required to find a way out.


  1. Your mind becomes more critical when tourists ask something

Many things you will get when you become a tour guide, one of which is to make your mind become more critical or responsive. When on a trip or at a tourist spot, tourists often ask things we don’t expect, for example why Indonesians like to wear thick jackets during the day and maybe we can answer easily and quickly “because it’s our culture” wkwkwk.

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